Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Memorial Day in Vermont

The Lancaster Memorial Day Parade

Railroad Street Cemetary, looking out from Grandma's grave site

Looking out over the driveway on the Hill

Indoor Camping

Sleepover at Grandpa's house! So exciting! Christy, Rebekah, David & Daniel set up an indoor campsite for the kids.

The "Princess" tent is on the left. 

On Wilson Farm

The Apple Orchard

Mr. Wilson

Harland, in a borrowed shirt and hat (it was cold!)

The new Wilson homestead--gorgeous!

Feeding Lambs with Donna Wilson

Donna, getting the lamb to feed

Emerson and Estella

Harland taking a turn

Wait! Don't go!

Visiting the Boydstons

The boys playing Monopoly with Grandpa Bud

Estella and Aunt Jenny

Harland & Estella, with Grandma and Grandpa in the background

The whole family, about to take off


Grandpa Harland & Ethan

Emily, Grandpa Harland & Ethan

Chalk painting on the patio

 In a princess dress: is there any other way?

Making cookies with Christy

Estella is wearing her princess dress because of course that's the only way to bake cookies!

Estella's First Ballet Class!

She accessorized herself.

Daddy took these shots! 

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Estella's (Surprise) Party!

Getting everything ready...

Estella, just walking in as everyone jumps out to surprise her.
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PiƱata Time!

Estella, taking the first swing.

Harland, being cheered on by Jasmine.

Emerson going at it.

Iris being helped by her Daddy.
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Estella hitting the pinata with help from Daddy

Isaac taking a swing

Time to grab the candy!

And here's an attempt to take a picture of all the party guests!
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Opening Presents, Cont.

Hello Kitty pajamas! Thanks Grandpa Rich and Grandma Brenda! 

Fancy hair accessories! Yippie!

Barbie bubble stuff! 
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